The January Edit: 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

As a business owner, mother and blogger, I'm always doing my best to stay on top of what's new, what's trending and what's worthy of my time. This month, I've been encompassed in the world of self-care, which is fitting given the new year.

Speaking of the new year, you'd typically find me here sharing a laundry list of resolutions to accomplish (as I've done in the past), but I've become well aware that they inevitably get left behind as the year progresses. I didn't want to do that this year. Regardless of whether I could accomplish everything I put on a list of resolutions or not, I didn't want to place unnecessary pressure on myself. Instead, I decided to weave a simple (yet important) theme throughout the year that I could be very intentional about prioritizing: self-care.

To me, self-care is a culmination of things. It's going to bed early a few nights a week instead of staying up late working. It's committing to a workout regimen that gives me time to myself and makes my body feel so good. It's nourishing my body with healthy foods and limiting junk food (but not excluding it completely). It's spending less time on my phone and more time with my family. It's indulging in things that make me happy, like hanging out in my bathroom after the kids go to bed and whitening my teeth, painting my nails and dancing around to 'Royals' by Lorde. Because somehow, in the hustle and bustle of balancing motherhood and a growing business, I've allowed zero time for myself – always moving from one thing to the next at warp speed. This year, that's changing. I'm slowing down and nurturing myself so much more.

As I've made my way through this month, I've discovered a handful of things I couldn't stop talking to my friends and family about. That's when I decided it would be fun to share these things on my blog too. Since I'm already researching and trying new things around-the-clock each month, there's no sense in keeping these awesome finds to myself! Now, these edits may not always be self-care related, and they may be incredibly random too, but I'm excited to share it all with you.

Here's what I've been loving in January:

1. Melissa Wood Health Online Workouts
I discovered Melissa Wood-Tepperburg on Instagram only a few short weeks ago. She's a mama, meditator and plant-based dieter who is certified in pilates + yoga. She created Melissa Wood Health and the MWH Method, an online platform with workouts, meditations and healthy recipes. What I love so much about her workouts is that they're quick and so damn effective. You can do them virtually anywhere using your own body weight or with weights + props. There is so much variety within her workouts too so you can choose whatever you have time for – be it a 10-minute workout, a 20-minute workout or even a 45-minute workout. She also posts new ones every Monday! You can get your first week free, then pay $9.99/month to keep your access to her entire platform of videos. Honestly, this is money well-spent. I've done one of her workouts every single day (sometimes twice a day) before the kids get up and/or during nap time for the last two weeks and I'm already seeing such a difference in my body. I'm eager to start doing her guided meditations too.

2. Goop's The Beauty Closet Podcasts
I've become such a big fan of podcasts since I started working at home. They are a great way to maximize your time and expand your knowledge on topics you'd otherwise know nothing about. Goop's podcasts have always been in my rotation, but their Beauty Closet Podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. On this podcast, two of Goop's beauty editors interview makeup artists, dermatologists, hairstylists, clean beauty founders, plastic surgeons, researchers and Gweneth Paltrow herself. The latest episode features Norma Kamali and it is a must-listen!

3. Sakara Detox Water + Beauty Water
If you're following me on Instagram, you know I'm a huge fan of Sakara. I have a number of their wellness products but hadn't yet tried out their Detox Water + Beauty Water Drops – that is, until now. While each set of drops provides different benefits, they collectively boost our daily intake of essential daily greens and minerals. The Detox Water Drops contain antioxidant-rich chlorophyll that helps cell rejuvenation and digestion, boosts energy and assists in natural healing. I've found that it's great to sip before bed, which also helps alleviate the desire for late-night snacking. The Beauty Water Drops, on the other hand, are a delight in the mornings as it adds a hint of rose to your water. It contains 72 trace minerals to plump your cells, flush out toxins and bloat, support collagen production and help your skin glow. I'm telling you, you will see a difference in your skin almost immediately and you will glow!

A few more favorites:

4. Beach Riot Leggings
I'm a sucker for leggings, but I'm also painstakingly loyal to a very small number of brands. So it was a little out of character for me to take a leap on something new, but I just couldn't resist this leopard print! It was love at first sight and I was hoping and praying I'd love the fit when they came in the mail. Spoiler alert: I did! They have a compression-like fit that is SO flattering – it sucks you in without being too tight or uncomfortable. And, they come in plenty of other colors + patterns too if leopard print isn't your thing.

5. Health-Ade Kombucha
Kombucha has long been a favorite of mine thanks to its many health benefits. But because consumption is not recommended for pregnant women, I hadn't really made my way over to the Kombucha area in the grocery store for quite a while. What I realized earlier this month is that there are a ton of new brands out there, including Health-Ade Kombucha (which caught my eye almost immediately). Being in the marketing world, you'd think I'd know better, but I can totally be bought with good product packaging – and Health-Ade Kombucha has great packaging! What really got me though is their yummy flavor options, like Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger, Pink Lady Apple and Pomegranate. They're certainly worth a try if you see one out and about!

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


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