Christmas Gift Ideas for One-Year-Olds

Our little Charlie was just under two months old last Christmas, so we're really looking forward to experiencing the magic of the season with him this year! In this gift guide, I've compiled some of Charlie's favorite toys from his first birthday party and a handful of things we'll have under the tree for him this year. How fun is that floor piano, by the way? That's a must-have for us partially because I need to channel Tom Hanks in Big and dance my heart out on it. 

A few personal favorites: The silicone bubble popper at the top goes with us everywhere. It's great at keeping babies occupied on car rides or while grocery shopping. They can just pop it in and out... and in and out. The magnetic drawing board is another great activity to keep your little one busy while also developing fine motor skills and encouraging their creativity. Ah, and the suction cups are great too! We keep ours on our refrigerator for Charlie to play with while I'm cooking. And, the Incredible You book is so darn sweet, and so colorful too! I keep it on display on a shelf in Charlie's room because I love it so much. 

Links for everything above can be found below in order from top to bottom and left to right. Or, you can keep scrolling and click on the actual images to see more about each gift! 


Happy Shopping!


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