Charlie's Wild One First Birthday

House of Kubes First Birthday Party

Charlie's first birthday seemed to come out of nowhere at warp speed. How is my little baby boy one? I'm sure mamas everywhere ask themselves that too! It's been the absolute best year with Charlie -- one of my most challenging for sure but my most rewarding by far. When it came time to plan his party, I already knew what I wanted his theme to be because he emulates it every single day - WILD! 

I love waking the kids up with balloons in their rooms on their birthday. I wasn't sure what Charlie would think since he's so little, but he absolutely loved them! He was in awe of them all and couldn't stop squealing. 

House of Kubes First Birthday Party

We kept this birthday party small, with only our family and very close friends attending, and it was such a magical time. Charlie was also our first baby to actually GO TO TOWN on his birthday cake which was fun to see and totally proves that he is indeed my little spirit animal! 

Also, I have to mention that my mother-in-law and I made this balloon garland! It was super duper easy. I'm thinking I may do a little DIY video on it soon. Would you guys want to see that? Let me know! 

Miscellaneous Details

If you're planning a party soon, I hope you can find a little inspiration here! If you'd like links for anything else I didn't list, just comment below!  


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