Maternity Style with Macy's

As I'm sure many expecting mothers can agree, it can be a little challenging to truly feel fashionable or on-trend during pregnancy. With the obvious changes your body goes through, some styles even seem to be off the table altogether for those several months. But as the clothing options in our closets steadily decline, you certainly don't have to give up all hope - you just have to know where to look.

I'm so excited to share some looks I put together in collaboration with Macy's to showcase their wide range of maternity options for women who want to carry their little one with some serious style.

Outfit One: 
Maternity Overalls. Maternity Dot Print Boat-Neck Top. Bandana. Hat. Sandals.

Within the first week of realizing we were pregnant, I remember having a moment of excitement over the thought of being able to wear maternity overalls this time around. Maternity overalls weren't really a thing during my last two pregnancies, or at least they weren't as widely available, so this was one trend I was super excited to sport.

Macy's has a variety of options to chose from, but I opted for this pair for a few reasons. For one, they offered a looser fit and I felt like choosing a black pair over a denim style would allow for more flexibility, especially for work. And two, they are made with tencel, a cellulosic fiber that when blended with cotton, produces a fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and has a lustrous silky feel. (Not to mention it's also sourced from the wood pulp of trees and is produced by recyclable, earth-friendly solvents.) I, for one, am here for wrinkle-free clothing and I can confirm that these overalls hit the mark.

Outfit Two:
Jacquard Off-the-Shoulder Top. Maternity Skinny Jeans. Purse. Hat. Wedges.

One thing I always miss during pregnancy is my skinny jeans. More often that not, when I'm not expecting, you can find me in a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized vintage tee. For me, finding a good pair of maternity jeans that will last throughout your whole pregnancy is key. I love these jeans because they are right on-trend with a modified step hem and they are, of course, incredibly comfortable. These come with a band that can be worn over your belly for extra support in your later months and turned down to be worn under your belly in your earlier months.

When it came to choosing a top, this one was a no-brainer. I'm a sucker for jacquard and I love anything off-the-shoulder because I think a woman's neckline and shoulders are some of her most beautiful and delicate features. So while the rest of your body is changing and gaining a few extra pounds during pregnancy, playing up the areas that are the most flattering is something I'm all about.

This post was sponsored by Macy's. As always, all thoughts are opinions are my own. 


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