Maternity Lace Kimono

I love a good kimono any day of the week, but when I'm pregnant, I reach for them all the time. Once a week at the very least. Kimonos can easily spruce up any basic outfit while also disguising the fact that your hips are preparing for childbirth - or your bra is getting too tight. You know, the usual suspects. They're essentially a girls - and an expecting mama's - best friend. 

When I saw this lace kimono from Shop PinkBlush, I fell in love. And not just because it's the color of wine (which I miss oh so dearly), but because of the intricate detailing throughout the entire piece. It's even more beautiful in person, although I feel like these pictures do it justice. I barely felt the need to edit these photos. In fact, several of them aren't edited at all! 

They have a huge selection of maternity kimonos (and non-maternity kimonos) on the site. I currently have my eye on about 24 other ones. They're too good! 

Have a great week! 

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