Valentine's Day Edit

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite of mine (but then again, every holiday is). Not only is it a day to celebrate love of all kinds, but the abundance of the color pink makes my heart go aflutter. Valentine's Day is also my half birthday, but you know, who's counting. 

Links: Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

I love looking through my favorite online shops for new pink, lace and overtly feminine things this time of year. The selection is always so good. And after a drab winter full of muted tones, I'm ready for more color!

During a few late night browsing sessions this week, I started making a list of perfect Valentine's Day gifts for my husband. (Because we know men need all the help they can get in the gift giving department.) The spread of items I had looked so pretty, and my love for them was so great, I knew I had to share it all in a post.  Maybe you'll love something as much as I do?!


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