How to Style Bold Prints

As I'm sure you can image by the small representation of my colorful wardrobe on this blog, I tend to hear the words "I could never pull that off" a lot. To be honest, it's one of the many reasons why I started my first fashion blog 8 years ago. I have and will happily explain to someone - anyone! - how they CAN pull anything off that they want to until I'm blue in the face. Because, you see, I believe it's really all in how you style it. When I got this H&M blazer a few months ago, I received a lot of love from my friends, but again, heard those all too common words.

For some, seeing a bold print is intimidating. And I get that - they can be loud and they may not match anything in your closet. That's okay! If you love something, there are so many ways to make it work.

While I self-admittedly wear some crazy outfits from time to time, I typically play by one singular rule when it comes to styling a bold piece: keep everything else as simple as possible. Example A: A blazer styled with a black and white color palette. Whatever the piece is, let it shine on it's own. Don't worry about matching the statement piece either, which I know some of my friends do and then get frustrated because nothing they own matches quite right. I think sometimes it's best to remain totally neutral with pieces that are navy, white, tan, black, denim, etc. My typical go-to is black ensemble from head to toe. (I threw on this white tee because it had red type on it that matched the blazer lining.)

Outfit Details
Blazer (old). Tee. Pants. Heels. Purse. Sunglasses (similar). Earrings (c/o).

Since my blazer is a few months old and currently unavailable online, I put together a little assortment of bold blazers I'm digging right now. I hope it inspires you to get a little colorful!


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