A Date Night in Marfa, Texas

Outfit Details:
Top ($55) | Sunglasses ($9) | Shorts | Sandals ($25) | Chanel Bag

After Scott and I spent a few days roughing it (not really) at a campsite, we decided to spend our last night in Marfa at Hotel Saint George. It's a very well-known hotel, both for its historical past and its current status as THE place to stay in Marfa.

Every inch of Hotel Saint George was clearly very carefully curated. (#alliteration) Just inside the hotel to the right was the Marfa Book Company, a fascinating little bookstore with local art, books about UFO sightings, and a selection of beauty products that were out of this world. On the other side was Bar Saint George, the swanky hotel bar that serves up the craziest of concoctions. One mainstay on the cocktail menu was called "Ghost Lights" and after hearing the name, I had to try it. Our bartender warned me that it's not a drink for everyone, so of course, that only made me want to try it even more. The verdict: It was terrible.

We also found out that the hotel had another bar out at the pool called Bar Nadar. Two drinks that Bar Nadar is known for around town are the frosé and the prickly pear frozen margarita. So I tried both of them for research purposes. I'm a rosé all day kind of girl, but the prickly pear was divine. 

While we were at the pool, two drinks deep, a thunderstorm began quickly approaching. Instead of getting another dose of prickly pear, we decided to head up to our room to watch the storm and make coffee in an effort to drum up energy for our dinner date at LaVenture (also located inside the hotel). I wish I would've taken a photo inside our room because it was what my interior designer dreams are made of. 

After dinner (which was also amazing), we walked around the town square and talked about how much we were going to miss this magical little place. At this point, we were pretty sentimental because of the number of drinks we had in us. All in all, it was a great afternoon (and evening) and I'm glad we took the time to really experience another part of the town. 

Have questions about Marfa? Feel free to leave me a message below. I'm happy to continue talking about this trip forever and ever. 


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