Party of Five

April 02, 2018

We've got some big news! Three months ago we were toasting at midnight to an exciting year ahead not knowing it was going to involve another sweet baby! To say we were surprised would be an understatement, but we feel incredibly blessed to be chosen to bring another beautiful life into this world. We waited to tell the kids until we took these photos (which I'll share more of later this month) and the one above was from the exact moment we told them we were pregnant. They were so excited!

I dealt with nausea day and night during the first trimester, so whenever I wasn't working or with the kids, I was horizontal. It was hard for me to push pause on the blog and my social media just as I was ramping up, but it was also exactly what I needed in order to give my body (and baby) the rest it deserved. Thank you to so many of you for checking in on me and for always being so supportive of this little blog and my social channels. I'm excited to share this journey with you!

A lot more to come in the next few weeks!


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